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You can use this search to find a STEP member in your area. Full STEP members are known as TEPs and are specialists in inheritance and succession planning. Some of the areas they can help with include:

  • helping you draft a will or a trust
  • drawing up a power of attorney
  • advising you on how to protect your family business
  • helping you to provide for vulnerable family members
  • ensuring you are compliant with all legal and tax obligations
  • helping you to support charitable causes, both within your lifetime and beyond
  • advising on legal and tax issues in relation to foreign property ownership, or moving abroad.

To find out more about TEPs read Why use a TEP?

There are other categories of STEP membership, including Affiliate (entry-level) and Associate (mid-level) members. These members are either working towards gaining the requisite qualifications and/or experience for full STEP membership (TEP), or have chosen to remain at Affiliate or Associate level. All members, including Affiliate and Associate members, must adhere to STEP's Code of Professional Conduct.

Top search tips

  • If you already have an advisor in mind, you can search by Name to find out if they are a TEP
  • To find a local TEP, you can search by City/Town (expand the search if you want to search by postcode)
  • If you search by postcode, enter just the first half to bring up results e.g. SW19/GU1/LS23
  • Make sure you select a Practice Area so you find TEPs with the right skills and knowledge

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