Ms Elise Croft

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Unit 37, 44 Kings Park Road
West Perth

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 6263 4488
Practice Areas: Contentious trusts and estates, Dispute resolution, Elderly and vulnerable clients, Rural family, business and agriculture, Wills and probate
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STEP Western Australia
Western Australia Branch Committee

Having acted for private clients, statutory corporations, SMEs and large corporations, including financial institutions, I have a broad range of experience in commercial dispute resolution. My focus is on achieving proactive solutions, providing clients with as much certainty as possible when they find themselves in uncertain situations - whether they be contemplating litigation or defending it.

Despite my broad experience base, I have particular experience in contentious estate matters. I have appeared for plaintiffs and defendants on a myriad of Family Provision Act claims, a number of which have raised complex questions and overlap with corporate, criminal and bankruptcy law. There have been a number of occasions where my general litigation experience has helped to resolve these types of matters.

The following are a few examples of the types of contentious estate disputes I have been involved in:
- A Family Provision Act claim where the estate consisted of a private company shareholding with barriers to sale.
- An application for letters of administration involving a dispute over the paternity of alleged children of the deceased, including matters of DNA evidence.
- An insolvent estate requiring the unwinding of a transaction to defeat creditors.
- Family Provision Act claims involving special disability trusts.
- A Family Provision Act claim against an extremely small estate that warranted the fixing of practitioners’ legal costs.

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