Ms Ruth Mattson

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275 Washington Street
One Newton Place, Suite 400
United States of America

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 6179640500
Practice Areas: Cross-border estates, Elderly and vulnerable clients, Estate planning/administration, Philanthropy, Tax, Trust planning/administration, Wills and probate
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Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney / Tax Advisor / Trustee/Fiduciary
Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer, LLP
STEP Boston
Boston Chapter Committee
Special Interest Groups:
Cross-Border Estates | Digital Assets | International Client | Philanthropy Advisors

Ruth Mattson helps clients implement comprehensive plans that meet their personal, family, and professional goals. As part of her estate planning practice, Ruth focuses on international planning, including cross-border estates, expatriation and immigration planning, planning for overseas assets, forming offshore asset protection trusts, planning for a spouse who is not a U.S. citizen, and helping U.S. beneficiaries plan to receive gifts and inheritances from abroad. For clients with unreported foreign assets, Ruth coordinates with accountants to help bring the clients into compliance with their FBAR and other reporting requirements. Additionally, Ruth advises trustees and personal representatives with the administration of local and multinational trusts and estates.

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