Ms Ianina Weaver

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1611 E 4th Street
Suite 200
Santa Ana
United States of America

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 714 569 1000
Practice Areas: Cross-border estates, Estate planning/administration, Family business, Family office, Tax
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Accountant / Tax Advisor
LSL CPAs & Advisors
STEP Orange County
Orange County Branch Committee

Yana Weaver joined ELLS CPAs in 2002 and became an officer and shareholder in 2013.

Yana has 20 years of experience providing private and public companies with a wide range of accounting and tax services.  She has extensive experience in many areas of taxation.  She is serving clients in manufacturing, healthcare and real estate industries prividing them with entity planning support, transaction structuring, buy/sell agreements, practice entry and exit strategies, cross border transactions and other important financial matters.

Yana's area of expertise is U.S. international taxation and compliance.  She provides international taxation consulting to the firm's foreign owned corporate clients as well as US-resident clients doing business abroad.

Yana also specializes in estate and trust planning.  A thoughtfully planned and executed estate plan can offer significant tax and financial benefits and assure the orderly disposition of assets from one generation to the next.  Yana will examine all aspects of her client's financial portfolio including securities, real estate, life insurance, cash and other assets and create a plan to protect their personal wealth from unnecessary estate taxation.

Yana's background includes, among other services, extensive experience in revenue recognition for tax purposes, Section 382 issues (Net Operation Losses), preparation and review of financial provisions for current and deferred income taxes under ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109 and FIN 48), analysis of overhead allocations for the purpose of uniform inventory capitalization rules (Section 263A), and related party transactions.

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